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About The Bear Buddy


Every day is a new day with new opportunities. To do the best out of every day, we in The Bear Buddy believes that we must prevent, maintain, and preserve a good mental health. We all have our own mental health. Sometimes it is good, sometimes somewhere in between and sometimes we need someone to talk to. This is where the idea with The Bear Buddy came up, and where the idea behind these bears came up. Our vision is to make a society where it is okay to talk about every aspect of our mental health. To destigmatize reaching out for help, talking outload about our problems and accept that we all have different problems. These bears are made with love, and to be like a buddy you can practice talking about your mental health.



Our marked

Our goal is to sell Bear Buddies to everyone. Everyone has theis own mental health, and everyone sometimes need someone to talk to – like for example this bears.



If you want to contact Thebearbuddy.com you may use this address:


Organization number: 995 705 478

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